Brendan Cordy

Department of Mathematics
Champlain College St. Lambert
900 Riverside Drive
St-Lambert, QC, J4P 3P2

Who Am I?

I'm Brendan. I teach mathematics in Montreal. I enjoy making beer and riding bicycles up hills. You can contact me at, and you can find a link to my github page over there on the right.


As a graduate student, I spent a lot of time thinking about mathematical logic and category theory. I've also studied formal languages, computability & complexity, and cryptography.

Nowadays, I like to pick a good book in an area I don't know much about and spend a while learning something new. Elliptic curves and Bayesian statistics are things I'm currently into.

Papers, programs, interactive demonstrations, and various other mathematical things that I've created for my own benefit, but you might find interesting as well, are available in the projects & papers section.


I've been a CEGEP prof for more than five years now, and I've spent a good deal of time with select groups of students helping them to prepare for math contests. If you're interested in contests, or want to keep your left brain sharp, you might find some nice resources in the links section.